Dear friends of Bella,


To say that we miss you all wouldn't even come close to how we feel! We wish we could be up running again helping to provide you with all the services that you have come to expect. AND, we miss visiting with you and sharing stories about your families, travel and just the weather!


At this moment, we are still in the "red" category with the state of Pennsylvania. We thought we would be closer to opening but it has become a moving target and anyone's guess. We are hoping that they will "green" light us by the end of May. When we hit the "green" light phase, we encourage you to book your appointment online. 


During this down time, staff hasn't sat by idly. They have been taking online courses to keep up their knowledge and skills regarding the correct way to maintain a healthy, safe and sanitized environment for you and us when the time comes. Also, we have taken advantage of other online classes on hair, nails, skin care, and massages. We are ready!!! Additionally, we have had to make some changes to the salon but will explain this all in a future email and on our website. No worry EZ, PZ!


Stay safe and healthy and soon this will be behind us! 




Yours truly,

Stephanie Dowd & the Bella Team!


Eyelash Lifts & Tint


Are Here!!!