Q: What is the difference in the levels of stylists?

A: We offer three levels of hair stylists.


Stylists are new to the industry. They have demonstrated strong talent and are taking part in advanced education. They're working on establishing their clientele and therefore, their services are offered at a discounted rate.


Advanced Stylists have worked in the industry for a few years. They have an established clientele but are still accepting new clients. Our Advanced Stylists are priced moderately between our Stylists and Elite Stylists.


Elite Stylists have the highest level of education and experience in our salon. They have an established clientele and are most in demand. Elite stylists charge more for their services because of their strong, eductational background.


Q: Do I need an appointment or can I just walk in?

A: We recommend making an appointment, especially Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise, we can usually accommodate walk ins.


Q: Do you accept tips?

A: Tips are accepted and appreciated.


Q: Do you charge extra for French Polish?

A: Yes, French polish is an additional $3 unless you are getting a French or Spa Manicure and/or Pedicure


Q: Is a pedicure safe for someone with diabetes?

A: Yes, please be sure to let your nail technician know.


Q: Do I need to shampoo my hair before coming in for a Formal Style?

A: We recommend washing your hair the day before. This allows your hair to hold better and the texture is easier to work with.


Q: Are there age restrictions for differenct services such as massage and facials?

A: Parent consent should be given for anyone under the age of 18.


Q: How long does my hair have to be for body waxing services?

A: We recommend at least a 1/4 inch growth.


Q: Do you allow children in the spa?

A: We, at Bella, do welcome kids and kids at heart into our salon and spa. However, we do ask any children under the age of 13 be supervised by an adult at all times. The noise level must be kept to a minimum to ensure all of our guests have a relaxing experience.


Q: Do you offer gift cards and when do they expire?

A: We offer gift cards that can be purchased at our location or from our website. Our gift cards do not have an expiration date. However, please be aware that the gift card turns to its monetary value after one year. If there has been a price change, you are responsible for paying the difference. If you won a promotional gift certificate from an event, the certificate expires on the date listed on the front of the certificate. No exceptions.


Q: How long of a notice do you need for cancellations?

A: We require a 24 hour notice on cancellations. No calls, no shows will incur a service charge that must be paid before their next visit.


Q: I've never had a massage before, what do I wear?

A: This is your treatment and we would like for you to be comfortable. It is customary to completely disrobe for your massage but you may wear a swim suit or undergarments if you prefer. You will be given an opportunity to disrobe before your massage and your privacy will be maintained. Throughout the massage, your body will be professionally draped by our Licensed Massage Therapists to ensure your privacy.


Q: I'm pregnant, can I get a massage?

A: As long as you are out of your first trimester and you get your doctor's consent, you may get a massage.